I keep forgetting… 

Today, I would normally go to the farmers market, get groceries with Jeb, and have dinner with Erik. I found myself wondering why I hadn’t been to yoga in a while, having forgotten for a moment that I have a broken leg and can’t leave my house very often. I am happy with the shape my legs are in now, as my feet now meet before my knees do. I’ve never had this shape in my life, and I think it’ll make life a bit easier and lower the amount of pain I’m in day to day. My leg is still pretty swollen though. 

The incision looks pretty good today, it’s healing up nicely. The one in my hip where they took the bone and marrow out is pretty irritatated. I think my skin is just sick of having staples in it!

I also have trouble remembering things lately, like how to speak in complete sentences and where I’ve put things. I hate not feeling like I’m on top of things, though I do feel a lot more clearheaded than last time when I had my back done. 

One thing I have been disappointed by is that I feel like my friends are too busy to hang out with me. I feel like they feel like because they were here for my back surgery, they feel like they’ve done their bit. I just remember when people got sick or had surgery when I was little, everyone in the community came around the person and brought them food and took care of them. Perhaps that’s a result of many of my friends not knowing each other. I don’t know exactly why, but it’s bothered me. I’m already pretty lonely, and I’m only two weeks out from surgery. 🙁

Mom gets here tonight though, which is exciting! I think we’ll have fun. ☺️


Straight leg!

So, two days ago I had knee surgery! They wanted to straighten my leg out to lengthen it and make it the same length as my right leg. Everything went really well, I’m still in the hospital though doing physical therapy and trying to recover a little bit before I go home. They did the incision on the left side of my left knee; it’s about 4 inches long. Here’s a picture of it.

It’s pretty grizzly but that’s OK.

I also have an incision on my left hip, which is about two inches long. It hurts when I do anything, coughing, sneezing, anything like that. 

I’ll update soon, not feeling up to it today.